Student Life



The School Store provides the students in grades K–5 an opportunity to purchase basic school supplies and some novelty items. The School Store is open from 8:25-8:40 a.m. for grade K–5. Each grade is assigned a day of the week to visit the School Store. A specific schedule is sent home at the beginning of the school year. All proceeds are used to fund the operation of the School Store. Only students who report on time to school are permitted to visit the School Store.


Students will be advised in advance of the store's opening date. Students are invited to come to the store once a week per the schedule below:


  • Monday – Kindergarten and Grade 1

  • Tuesday – Grade 2

  • Wednesday – Grade 3

  • Thursday – Grade 4

  • Friday – Grade 5


Keep saving those Box Tops (pink, rectangular and have 10¢ printed on them) found on many products because they can be used as money towards purchasing items at the School Store! Each box top is worth 10¢. The store cannot accept expired Box Tops. Please check out for a list of participating products and other important information.


After school club catalogs will be distributed or posted for fall and spring sessions. Each club has a limit to the number of participants it can accommodate. The clubs will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Return the form and the fee to the school office to reserve your child's spot. Checks should be made payable to the program identified in the listing. 


The members of the safety patrol are responsible for assisting with the safety of fellow students before and after school. Fifth grade students are selected as members of the Safety Patrol. Students identified to serve on the patrol must have a recommendation from a teacher. Specific responsibilities vary from year to year. A teacher serves as the advisor and provides training and guidance for all students participating on the safety patrol.


The Student Council is an important organization in the school. The purpose of this organization is to assist in the coordination of student activities, to provide services for the students, to assist in raising funds for extra-curricular activities and charities (UNICEF, MD Food Bank, John’s Hopkins Children Center, etc.), to promote good citizenship, and to represent the needs and wishes of the student population. Members of the Student Council are elected by the student body. Each homeroom has two representatives. Meetings are held during the school day. Meeting days, times, and room will be announced during the school year.