School Family Council

The School Family Council (SFC) meets each month during the school year to discuss and develop plans to improve student achievement, ensure quality programs, enrich family and community engagement, and help our school achieve its greatest potential.


Baltimore City Public Schools requires that each school maintain an SFC. The SFC's duties include:

  • establishing/maintaining committees (Attendance, Climate & Safety, Family and Community Engagement), and others as appropriate)

  • collaborating with the principal and Instructional Leadership Team in developing and supporting the implementation of the school performance plan (SPP)

  • develop operational procedures for the SFC (bylaws)

  • provide advisory feedback to the CEO on the proposed school budget and SPP

  • assist the Office of Human Capital with the principal selection process, in case of a vacancy

The SFC consists of the MWS principal, assistant principal, teachers, parents and community members. MWS parents elect SFC members for a two-year term.  Elementary and middle school elections are staggered so that only one group of parent members will be new in any given year.


SFC Chairs

Elected Parent Representatives


PTO Representative  

  • PTO:  pending


Teacher Representatives                                                    

  • Teacher: Barbara Drummonds-Gordon 

  • Teacher: Karen Ginyard

  • Teacher: Amy Luther

  • Teacher: Elizabeth Piatt

  • Teacher: Michael Rest

Community Representatives


  • Principal:  Sara Long

  • Administrator: Bethany Jacobs

  • Administrator: Michael Johnson


​The SFC meets virtually on the first Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. Check the ClassDojo message for login information and the MWS events calendar on the home page for specific dates and times.  



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During the summer of 2017, the SFC kicked off an initiative to develop a strategic plan for the school. While the school had been operating with annual school performance plans, there was a desire to create a longer term strategy and to align various initiatives across the school. Under the direction of UPD Consulting, this preliminary strategic plan was developed. Through small group discussions and community discussions, staff, students and family members provided input to identify and prioritize key areas of focus for the school. 


In the next phase of the initiative, the SFC will work with the school community to map out the sequencing and ownership of these strategies. 


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