Neighborhood School



The Mount Washington School is a neighborhood school serving students in grades kindergarten to grade 8.  All students living within the Mount Washington attendance area are admitted to the school. The school district carefully monitors enrollment and demographic trends to make sure that schools are available to serve neighborhood populations.

The Mount Washington School offers grades 6 to 8, so many middle school students stay in their neighborhood school until they are ready for high school. Depending on how far your home is from MWS, your child may be eligible for transportation services.


To find out if you live inside of the Mount Washington attendance area, enter your address into City Schools’ Neighborhood School Locator by clicking here.


Students living outside the school’s zone may request approval to attend The Mount Washington School. The School Family Council has developed a process for all out-of-zone students.




The purpose of this policy is to outline the criteria and process regarding the application, acceptance, and post-acceptance process for out-of-zone students.


Process and Timeline for Acceptance

  1. Special consideration to attend MWS must be requested by contacting the school office at 410-396-6354.

  2. All requests will be placed on a wait list.

  3. Parents/legal guardians will be notified of the decision to approve or deny their request by the last week in August for grades one to six and by the third week of September for kindergarten.

  4. Decisions for acceptance in each grade will be based on the availability of student seats per grade. A sibling of a student already accepted as out-of-zone and students with administrative transfers made by central office staff will be given first priority followed by children of Baltimore City Schools employees and then other students on the list at the Office of Student Placement.

  5. Students are accepted on an annual basis. Attendance for the following school year will be based on the availability of student seats per grade as well as adherence to post acceptance requirements outlined below. Priority will be given to returning students and siblings.


Post-Acceptance Requirements

  1. Students are expected to attend school regularly and on time.

  2. Students must put forth, at minimum, satisfactory effort with school work.

  3. Students are required to follow all classroom/school rules and procedures.

  4. Failure of a student to abide by any of the above requirements may result in losing enrollment privileges at The Mount Washington School. The principal reserves the right to withdraw a student when attendance, performance and/or behavior interfere with the student’s academic program and/or with the academic program of other students.