Mission & History


We look to the past for tradition; to the present for student, parent, teacher, and community engagement; and to the future for a lasting legacy of excellence in education.



The Mount Washington School transforms students into creative, reflective, and analytical problem-solvers who are compassionate and prepared to compete and persevere in an evolving world.

To accomplish our mission we value the ABCs:

  • Academic Excellence: We offer our students a challenging academic environment that promotes creative thinking, intellectual curiosity, and the love of learning.

  • Building Community: We build partnerships within our diverse community.

  • Citizenship: We inspire a collaborative spirit and respect for self, others, and the world as a foundation for good citizenship.



The Mount Washington School is located in the northern section of Baltimore city in a community noted for its politically and culturally active members as well as rich culture and history dating back to before the Civil War. The story of the Mount Washington School began in September 1867, when Perley Lovejoy convinced community members that there was a need for a public school. This elementary school, housed in Saffell Hall, was entitled “School No.8” by Baltimore County in 1877. The school became a success, with a new four-room building constructed at the corner of Lochlea and Sulgrave in 1882 and a second floor added in 1908. In 1918, Baltimore City annexed Mount Washington and renamed this building School No. #221. By 1950, the school was so popular that it was quite overcrowded. Even with the use of the old Enoch Pratt Library branch as an annex, there still was not enough room. In 1961, the former elementary school building on Sulgrave Avenue was completed and the old building was torn down.

In 2010, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Baltimore decided to close the Shrine of the Sacred Heart School, located on Smith Avenue just a few blocks from Mount Washington Elementary School on Sulgrave. With great community support, Baltimore City Schools arranged to lease the Shrine School building from the Archdiocese so that Mount Washington Elementary could expand to a K–8 school. The newly renamed Mount Washington School opened its doors in the fall of 2011 with students housed in two buildings, the Upper Building and the Lower Building.