School Breakfast & Lunch



Breakfast is free for all students and served every morning. For students in grades 6–8 breakfast begins at 7:50.



Classroom teachers and students eat lunch at the same time. Adult supervision is available to assist with all lunch procedures and needs.

Recess is not scheduled for students in grades 6-8. However, students are provided opportunities for free time throughout the week as part of the behavior incentive plan.

In the Upper Building, students should sit at their assigned tables after entering the cafeteria. When students are silent, they will be allowed to enter the lunch line. Students should keep their voices at a LEVEL 3 (conversational tone) during lunch. All food and trash should be thrown in the trashcan and not on the floor.  Before leaving the cafeteria, tables and floors must be free from all waste.


School breakfast and lunch menus are available on the school district’s website at  The cafeteria does not provide necessary napkins and utensils for students who bring their lunch.

Free Meals for All Students


Beginning Monday, June 1, 2015 all City Schools students will be able to eat both breakfast and lunch at school for free, regardless of family income. City Schools is participating in the Department of Agriculture's "Community Eligibility Provision," which allows the district to provide free breakfast and lunch to all students without requiring households to complete a meal application each year. These changes mean that families will save money and all students will have access to nutritious meals. Plus, students will no longer have to enter a PIN when they go through the lunch line, so lines will be shorter and students will have more time to enjoy their food.