Inclement Weather



The decision to open schools on schedule will be made when it is determined that students will be able to travel safely to their school destinations. If weather conditions worsen, negatively affecting the learning environment or posing a risk to the health or safety of students, City Schools may announce an early school dismissal.

  • If the decision by the CEO or designee is to close schools or delay opening, this will be posted online at all school websites and the City Schools website, The announcement will also be tweeted via the City Schools feed (@BaltCitySchools), made by local television and radio stations and posted to local news websites. The Before and After School Program will also be closed.

  • If schools close early due to weather emergencies, natural disasters or extreme heat, announcements will be made as outlined above. Bus transportation will be provided. However during these situations the buses often run late. Aftercare will be provided at the close of school until 6 pm. If parents wish for their students to use the aftercare provider as a back up on the days when school closes early due to inclement weather then the parents should contact the program director at 443-804-4209 to make the arrangements.

  • If schools have a delayed opening announcements will be made on radio and television. Buses will provide transportation. However, during this situation the buses often run late. 


Parents/guardians may sign up to receive email notification of school closings from WBAL 


Click here for the City Schools Inclement Weather Policy.