The Quarterly Recognition Program is an opportunity for teachers to recognize students’ achievement in major subject areas, attendance, and citizenship. Classroom teachers at each grade level provide a quarterly recognition time in the classroom. Teachers will inform parents of the date and time the recognition will take place so they may attend. The names of students earning awards are printed in the Tiger Times. The criteria for the different awards are listed below:


  • Principal’s Award - All E’s, or A’s and 1’s

  • Honor Roll - E’s, G’s, A’s, B’s and 1’s & 2’s

  • Achievement - E’s, G’s, S’s, A’s, B’s, and C’s and 1’s and 2’s

  • Perfect Attendance - No days absent and no late/tardy days

  • Outstanding Attendance - No more than 2 days absent & 2 days tardy

  • Citizenship Award - Positive and respectful interaction with fellow students and teachers.


  • Math Wiz - E on report card

  • Super Reader - E on report card

  • Super Speller - 1 on report card


  • “Tigerific” Effort - Student’s Personal Best


We are so very excited to announce that our students are fully engaged in the ROAR program in elementary school! At the Mount Washington School we believe in the action of rewarding positivity, encouraging growth, and using challenges as catalysts for change! We recognize there is always room for improvement; we welcome suggestions to make our programs relevant and to increase student investment.  Our elementary school students aspire to meet the attributes of ROAR on a daily basis. Being Respectful, Organized, having a positive Attitude and being Responsible are the qualities of a ROARing Tiger! 


As you know, our teachers are utilizing the Class Dojo software to track daily strengths and growth areas. As a result, the lower building will now engage in ROARing Fridays! Each Friday, students who meet the target percentage of positive feedback for the week, will have the opportunity to participate in the ROARing Friday activity. Students will be notified of their percentage on Thursdays. 


Check our home page calendar to learn about specific ROAR Friday themes/activities.​