Homework Policy

Purpose/Philosophy of Homework


  • Reinforce and review skills taught (ensures mastery)

  • Apply skills

  • Develop personal responsibility

  • Integrate cross-curricular concepts (long term projects)

  • Prepares students for tests

  • Experience reading for personal enrichment (book logs, book reports)




Explained in grade level handbooks/back to school letters including information such as: time, frequency, grading scale, absence policy for students and how homework is assigned when the teacher is out, long-term projects, purpose, due dates, rubric, etc.




Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday.


  • Kindergarten – 10 to 20 minutes, including reading

  • Grade 1 – 10 to 20 minutes including independent reading

  • Grade 2 – 10 to 30 minutes plus independent reading

  • Grade 3 – 15 to 30 minutes plus independent reading

  • Grade 4 – 20 to 30 minutes plus independent reading

  • Grade 5 – 30 to 60 minutes plus independent reading




  • Review skills recently taught as well as from previous units

  • All subjects: reading, writing, math, science, social studies

  • Daily homework as well as long-term projects



  • Parent signature of homework sheet, planner, etc

  • Homework acknowledged by teacher with check marks, sticker, rubric

  • Parent is contacted if there is a pattern of missed or incomplete homework

  • Long-term project may address more than one subject area

  • Homework passes for daily assignments are sometimes given as part of an incentive plan in classrooms but are not used for long-term projects

Role of the Student, Teacher, Parent/Caregiver


  • Student: Attempts all homework, Completes and does their best on assignment

    • Returns assignment on time

    • Is aware of assignment, understands requirements, including the format

    • Asks questions of teacher, parent, or study buddy


  • Parent/Caregiver: Supports the policy of the classroom teacher

    • Provides a quiet place with desk, chair, supplies, good lighting

    • Grades K - 2 – provides assistance as needed

    • Grades 3 - 5 – monitors and checks for completion

    • Communicate concerns regarding homework to teacher


  • Teacher: Ensures every assignment is relevant and directions have been provided/explained

    • Provides and follows homework routines

The homework policy for grades 6-8 is outlined in the middle school handbook.