Health Suite



The Mount Washington School is assigned two full-time health aides or nurses, one for each building. 

Lower Building - Olunfunmilayo Odusanya (Nurse Fumi)

Upper Building - Valarie Tomlin


Medication Policy


Some students require medication and or medical treatment while they are in school. Health staff is available in school to provide this service. In order to provide this service, the appropriate form (found in the appendix or the Health Suite) must be completed, signed by the student’s medical provider and the parent/legal guardian and brought to the health suite. A completed form from the medical provider is required for both prescription and over-the-counter medication. Students may not possess, dispense, or distribute medication on their own. The medicine should be brought to school in the original container. The container should include the following: name of medication, directions for use, time, strength, and dose for dispensing, name of ordering medical provider, and the student’s name and grade. Medication and treatment supplies are to be brought to the health suite by the parent/legal guardian.

Medication and treatment will be performed according to standard nursing practice. All medications delivered to the school nurse must be picked up by the parent/legal guardian on the last day of school. Failure to pick up medication by the last day of school may result in disposal. If you have any questions, please call the school and ask to speak to the health suite staff.