In our most recent school profile prepared by BPCS (Spring 2018), MWS serves 616 students in grades kindergarten to eight. The student population is culturally diverse: 64.1% African American, 26.8% White, 2.9% Hispanic/Latino and 6.2% Other. Please read our school profile to learn more about our school and its students. 

Historically, Mount Washington experiences tremendous community support. The PTO activities and School Family Council-sponsored events attracts involvement from all the families and parents throughout the year. School Climate Survey results indicate that parents, students, and staff indicate that the school is a safe place for students, the teachers are caring and provide a strong academic program and the students respect their teachers.

The school has met Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) every year with students performing at or above proficient on state, local and classroom assessments. Attendance rates met the standards with 95.5% with relatively low mobility rate, 4.8%. In grades three to seven, students performed above the AMO in both reading and math on the state mandated test, Maryland School Assessment (MSA). Results on this state mandated assessment can be found by going to the Maryland State Department of Education website