Breakfast & Lunch


Classroom teachers and students eat lunch at the same time. Adult supervision is available to assist with all lunch procedures and needs.  Students in grades K-5 will have a 50 minute period divided for lunch and recess.  Teachers will send home the schedule the first week of school.  In order to ensure students have recess on inclement weather days, indoor recess is planned to take place in the gym.  


In the Lower Building (K-3), students will enter the cafeteria and sit at their assigned tables. Students should not leave their seats at any time without adult permission, as it is important that we know where all students are at all times. The last 3-5 minutes of the lunch period will be quiet time, to clean up and listen for each class to be called for dismissal. When called, each class will follow an adult's directions to stand, throw away their trash if they have not already done so, and proceed in an orderly manner to recess or class.


In the Upper Building (4-5), students should sit at their assigned tables after entering the cafeteria. When students are silent, they will be allowed to enter the lunch line. Students should keep their voices at a LEVEL 3 (conversational tone) during lunch. All food and trash should be thrown in the trashcan and not on the floor.  Before leaving the cafeteria, tables and floors must be free from all waste.



As of Monday, June 1, 2015, all City Schools students will be able to eat both breakfast and lunch at school for free, regardless of family income. City Schools is participating in the Department of Agriculture's "Community Eligibility Provision," which allows the district to provide free breakfast and lunch to all students without requiring households to complete a meal application each year. These changes mean that families will save money and all students will have access to nutritious meals. Plus, students will no longer have to enter a PIN when they go through the lunch line, so lines will be shorter and students will have more time to enjoy their food.

School breakfast and lunch menus are available on the school district’s website at  


Packed lunches should contain items that are easy to open by the student and include all necessary napkins and utensils.  The cafeteria does not provide these for students who bring their lunch.  





In order to have recess be as structured and as safe as possible, it is very important that all Upper Building students adhere to the Recess Rules when participating in outdoor or indoor recess.


I will RESPECT Myself, Others, and the Environment!

 I will wait to be excused from the lunch area after my area is clean.

 I will listen to the recess monitors at all times.

 I will play fairly, safely, and show good sportsmanship.

 I will tell a recess monitor if someone is hurt, has a problem, or needs help.

 I will ask a recess monitor for help if I can’t solve a problem on my own.

 I will keep the area a bully-free zone (verbally and physically).

 I will use all playground equipment correctly.

 I will line up as quickly and quietly as possible when recess is over.



Extra Recess will be rewarded on a case by case basis for properly adhering to the rules above.




If any student is in violation of the rules listed above he/she will be asked to be seated for the remainder of his/her recess time. If the behavior warrants, he/she will receive a phone call which will coincide with a number of days that he/she will not be allowed to participate in recess