Arrival & Dismissal


  • 8:45 a.m. Report to Class (All Grades)

  • 3:25 p.m. Dismissal (All Grades)



Entry Procedures for On-Time Arrivals

(Tuesday, August 31, and all days after)


Lower Building Grades K-3

  • Carpool – Enter parking lot/carpool loop from Smith Ave and remain in your vehicle. Students will be assisted by school staff and will enter via Door A. Any parent/guardian that would like to enter the building during student entry will need to park on the street and walk to Door B. Please do not enter the parking lot area during student entry if you plan to get out of your vehicle. If you arrive at or after 9:00am, please follow the Entry Procedures for Late Arrivals.

  • Walkers – Enter via door B (near main office – center of building). If you arrive at or after 9:00am,  please follow the Entry Procedures for Late Arrivals. 

  • Bus riders – a staff member will meet the students at the bus and escort them inside the building.

Upper Building Grades 4-8

  • All students will enter via Door C (closest to corner of Sulgrave and Lochlea) at 8:45am. If you arrive at or after 9:00am, please follow the Entry Procedures for Late Arrivals. Please note, student supervision begins at 8:45am. If you need Before Care for your child(ren), please reach out to Mr. Day.




Dismissal Procedures: 

Lower Building (Grades K-3) 

  • Carpool – enter carpool loop & students will be brought out by school staff.

  • Bus riders – a staff member will escort the students to the bus.

  • Walkers – will exit via door B (near main office – center of building)  .

Upper Building (Grades 4-8) 

  • 4th- 5th grade students that ride yellow bus will be escorted to the bus stop.


  • 6th- 8th grade MTA riders will be released to walk to bus stops via door C.


  • All walkers and car riders will be released via door C. All students should be picked up or clear of  school property by 3:35pm, unless staying for an authorized school activity or UEC After Care. 


Certain days during the year (parent-teacher conference days, for example) will be designated as Scheduled Early Dismissal days. The arrival schedule is as usual. On scheduled Early Dismissal days, students in grades K to 5 are dismissed at 12:15 p.m. and bus transportation will be provided. After Care will be provided for grades K to 7 immediately following dismissal and until 6 pm. Carpool students will be dismissed as usual and are to be picked up no later than noon. Students are expected to travel home as usual unless the parent notifies the teacher in writing. Lunch is served on Scheduled Early Dismissal days.

See the Inclement Weather Policy for information on unexpected early dismissals.